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How to Start a Golf Club Repair Business

Starting a business entails considerable knowledge in the industry you want to pursue. If you’re looking into starting a golf club repair business, it would help if you’re interested in golf as well. Playing the sport allows you to understand what your customers require so you can provide better services to them. A golf club repair business caters to a specific market niche, and the idea is to tap into this market to make your venture grow.

Find a business site. It’s important for any business to be located near its target market. For a golf club repair business, a shop near golf courses or obtaining a space in a country club is a good idea. You want to make sure golfing enthusiasts know you are ready to offer your repair and maintenance services any time they need you.

Come up with a business plan. A golf club repair business should be based on a carefully laid-out plan. Determine your hours of operation. Some repair shops choose to be open seven days a week to accommodate customers who might need to take their golf clubs in for repairs during the weekend.

Determine what kind of repair services to offer. Most golf club repair shops offer various services such as regripping, replacing golf heads, minor shaft repairs and cleaning services. Create a list of services to offer and determine how much you’re willing to charge for each.

Find out market rates. Learn more about how much your competitors charge for repair services. From there, determine if you can match the rates or if you can offer cheaper prices.

Hire people. For the first few months of your operations, you probably can do most of the repair work. But it would help if you hired one or two people. Someone who handles repair requests, for instance, and another one who will repair golf clubs with you should suffice.

Put your repair kit together. You are going to need to assemble equipment to repair golf clubs. Personal repair kits should give you an idea of what you need, but make sure you invest in commercial bass brushes, cleaning solutions, cutters and other materials.

Acquire spare parts. Repair services will need replacement parts such as grips, shafts and heads. It would be better if you acquired parts produced by major golf club brands so you don’t have to worry about compatibility concerns.

Market your business. You need to make sure every golfer in your area is aware of your existence. Marketing for small ventures such as a golf club repair business would entail putting up a website, networking and putting up ads at the local golf course.


Business is going to be slow during the first few weeks. To attract customers, encourage your acquaintances to recommend your services to fellow golfers.


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