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How to Become an Appliance Warranty Service Contractor

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Appliances are complex machines that require skilled professionals for proper maintenance and repair. You must work for years to become adept at appliance repair. Once you do you will be ready to run your own business. Finding enough clients to make your independent appliance repair contractor business profitable can be difficult, if not impossible. Teaming up with an established manufacturer or retail operation as a warranty service contractor can push your business into profitability and keep you busy every day. Becoming a warranty service contractor means tailoring your business to fit into the mold of the corporation you choose to join.

Work for a qualified appliance repair contractor to gain experience. Five years in the field will give you enough experience to strike out on your own.

Purchase a business license, insurance and equipment you will need to run your own appliance repair business. You may need a hazardous materials license in addition to your business license. Ask your county clerk for the specific requirements in your area.

Apply with various manufacturers and retailers to become a warranty repair service provider. Each manufacturer and retailer has its own requirements for contractor employment.

Review the contract each manufacturer sends to you. See an attorney for a more in-depth review of the paperwork. Sign the documents and return them to the sender. Wait for acceptance before advertising as a warranty service contractor.


Some manufacturers or retailers have specific requirements for contractors concerning uniforms, procedures, tools and safety equipment. Tailor your business to fit these requirements if you want to do appliance repair work for one of these employers.


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