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How to Start a Golf Cart Repair Business

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There are many motorized vehicles on the market today. When something goes wrong with these vehicles it is not too difficult, in most cases, to find a business that can service them. However, the golf-cart owner might have a bit of a problem locating a quality repair shop for his golf cart. If you think you have what it takes to start your own golf-cart repair business, read on to find out how your aspirations can be fulfilled.

How to Start a Golf Cart Repair Business

Check out the competition to see what they charge for their golf repair services. Once you have studied the competition, you can do something as simple as beating the lowest price of the other golf-cart repair businesses. You can also set yourself apart from the competition by picking up the golf carts and delivering them once repair is finished. This will save your clients driving time.

Perform research to ensure there is a market in your area for a golf-cart repair business. If there is no golf course in your area, then obviously this business is not for you. Go where the business is. Golf Course Online will allow you to search for golf course locations by state.

Apply for a business license to operate your golf-cart repair business within your state. Secure enough capital to meet your monthly overhead expenses such as rent, insurance, storage, parts and supplies and so forth. This can be done via savings, small business loans, commercial loans or even an outside investor.

Ensure that you have experienced golf-cart mechanics on site. Since there are gas-powered golf carts and electrical golf carts on the market, be sure that your mechanics are experienced enough to work on both in order to meet customer demands.

Visit some of the local golf courses, and pass out business cards or fliers to promote your new golf-cart repair business.


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