How to Reply to an Interview

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Scoring a job interview can be a cause for celebration. But how you present yourself, even before the interview begins, matters to discerning companies that evaluate every aspect of a candidate's qualifications and personality. One important way to create a good first impression right off the bat is to send a reply to an interview invitation. This reply is simple, but necessary. Worded the right way, you can generate goodwill before you even step into the office.

Reply to an interview invitation even if you do not wish to interview with a company. Whether your answer is a yes or a no, you should send a reply. Not only is responding to an interview invitation good manners, staying on good terms with a company may lead to later consideration for a job better suited to your needs, or other forms of contract or freelance work.

Reply to the interview request using the same method of communication by which it was sent. If you receive an invitation over the phone, respond with a phone call. Avoid calling to confirm an email invite or vice versa.

Begin your reply with "Dear [name of interviewer]" if accepting an interview invitation in writing.

Write a sentence or two in the body of your letter or email that states you are accepting the interview invitation for the job. Include the specific name of the job title and the name of the company in the body of your letter/email.

End your reply by saying something to the effect of "I am looking forward to discussing this position with you further on [include the date of the interview]."