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How to Remove a Real Estate Lock Box

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If you have ever sold or bought a home, there is always that chance that a Realtor could leave a lockbox on your front door or fence. There are several different types of lockboxes, such as electronic, keyed or combination. However, no matter which one is placed on your property, removing it without a key or combination code can be difficult and frustrating. There are ways to remove the lockbox if you are not successful in getting the Realtor to come back out to the property or disclose the combination code.

Remove your door knob by unscrewing the trim with a drill or screwdriver. The trim is the metal ring in between the door knobs held by screws on both sides of the door.

Once you remove the trim, there are two screws that hold the door knobs together, remove these screws one at a time. This will will allow you to pull the door knobs apart and off the door. Slide the lock box off the door knob once removed, then replace the door knobs back onto the door.

If a lockbox has been attached to a fence or water spout on the side of the house, removing becomes more difficult since they are not detachable items. In this situation cut the lockbox with bolt cutters or a reciprocating saw, making sure you do not cut whatever the lockbox is attached to. When cutting with any type of saws or blades, keep in mind that vibration can cause tools to jump around and become unstable. Make sure you cut away from yourself in order to prevent accidents. This process can take a long time, so patience is essential.

The best option to remove a lockbox is to get the combination code or key from the realtor.


If you don't feel comfortable handling tools, call a locksmith. It may be expensive but will save you time and aggravation.


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