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How to Quit a Part-time Job

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Quitting a part-time job is similar to quitting a full-time job, and should be done thoughtfully. Whether you no longer need the extra income or you have found a better full- or part-time job, leaving your current part-time job on good terms will provide you with a usable reference and may give you an option to fall back on, should you find yourself in need of another part-time job.

Determine when you must leave your current part-time job. This date should ideally be at least two weeks away to allow your employer to hire your replacement. Consult the employee handbook of your employer to see if there is a minimum notice required for part-time employees. If there is no such requirement you will likely engender good will by giving appropriate notice.

Draft a letter of resignation that states your desired end of employment date. Offering to train your replacement, if that is an option, can help lessen the blow of your leaving and help secure a good recommendation from your employer.

Present the letter to the human resource department or your manager. You do not have to go into detail about why you are leaving if you are uncomfortable doing so. Include positive statements about the company and work environment, if that seems appropriate in your situation.

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