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How to Operate a Printing Machine

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Operating a printing machine is a necessity in the business field today. Printing machines have advanced over the years, making them easier to use. Instructions are built inside the machine, so anytime you press the help button, the task that you are trying to complete will be explained in full. Now that everything is going electronic, the printing machine cuts out any association with others to help the printing machine work it out within itself.

Placing original in printer

Placing the original of whatever it is that you're going to have printed is the first step to operating a printer. Make sure that whatever it is that's going to be printed, the amount of paper that's inside the printer is the correct size for the images on the original. The original can be placed on the feeder of the printing machine or underneath the feeder which is considered the scanner. The feeder can print several amounts of papers at one time while the scanner can only do front and back of one individual piece of paper.

Once the original has been placed on the scanner or on the feeder, the printer will give you options on how you would like to print the documents. You might want duplicate copies of the document or you might only want a single copy. Selecting the amount is first and foremost. Select which direction you would like the images to lay on the printed copy. Long horizontal or vertical documents might need to be printed on a larger piece of paper. Now that the amount and size has been decided, press the start key and watch the copies come out of the end of the printer machine.

Faxing is also a task that can be completed on the printing machine. Faxing is done by dialing the number in which the fax is going through. If it's long distance, a 1 is required before the number. Place the documents that need to be faxed on the feeder to scan through the printer. A fax can only be placed through the feeder and not scanned if there is more than one piece of document present. The number will dial on the fax machine letting you know whether the line is open or busy. After the fax has been successfully sent a confirmation page will print out providing date, time, amount of pages that were sent, and a confirmation code.

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