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How to Obtain a Farm Tax Number

If you own your own farm, you qualify for sales tax exemption on the farm related purchases that you make. In order to receive the benefits of this tax exemption, you need to have a farm tax number. This is handled on a state by state basis, which means that you must get the farm tax number from the state in which your farm is located.

Use the Internal Revenue Service website ( to get the URL for your state’s department of revenue. This is the regulatory department that gives out farm tax numbers in each state.

Click on the link for your state department of revenue. This will take you away from the IRS website and to the website for your state’s department of revenue.

Locate the “Forms” section of the site and click on. Once your on the site find the sales tax exemption form. Download, complete and submit the form to your department of revenue for the sales tax exemption. If you're unable to locate the form, you can look for the contact information for the department of revenue on the site and simply call or visit the office to get the form and find help in filling it out. The farm tax number is provided at no cost.


Eligibility varies by state, but generally your farm must be producing agricultural products, such as livestock or crops that are intended for resale.


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