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How to Make Fingerprinting Ink

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Fingerprint ink doesn't have to be purchased pre-made if you know how to make a skin-safe blend with appropriate ingredients. Knowing how to make your own fingerprinting ink gives you the ability to make handprint crafts and carry out a variety of stamping projects. As well, creating your own stamping and fingerprinting ink saves you money on purchasing a variety of colored inks.

Add 1 ounce of rubbing alcohol to a 2-ounce mixing dish.

Add 1 ounce mica pigment powder to another mixing dish. For a dark, black ink use kohl mica. You can also mix and match different powders to create your own custom color blend. Mica powder is natural and can be found in craft and hobby supply shops.

Shake the bowl of mica into the bowl of rubbing alcohol as you whisk it with the disposable stirring wand. Stir for a full minute to disperse the pigment throughout the liquid.

Pour the resulting liquid ink onto the unused stamp pad. Pour onto the center of the sponge, allowing it to slowly soak up the pigment. Close the compact around the pad immediately.

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