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How to List Per Diem Work on a Resume

Whether you held a salaried position, worked for hourly wages or performed per diem work, financial information rarely is included on a resume unless a history or requirement specifically is requested by the employer. If you found per diem work through an agency and wish to include that experience on your resume, mention the name of the agency as well as the company name.

List your job title at the per diem position in your “Experience” section. Write the name of the company or organization, followed by the location (city and state).

Write that the job was temporary and include the name of the temp agency only if you worked there less than one month, according to the Wellesley College Center for Work and Service. For example, write: “Temporary placement via Jones Agency.”

Write the dates during which you held the per diem position, including months and years. If you eventually were hired full time, include the date on which that employment began. For example: “Hired full time July 2010.”

Include your per diem pay only if the employer has requested it. If he asks for a salary history, create a page separate from your resume and list your per diem work, including company name, dates and location. Write “Per diem pay,” a colon and your daily pay. For example: “Per diem pay: $120.” If he asks for your wage requirements, include this information in the last paragraph of the cover letter that accompanies your resume. For example: “As per your request, I believe a fair per diem pay for this position would be $130.”


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