How to Find a Person's Phone Number Free

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Have you ever needed to find someone's phone number, but the real Yellow Pages just wasn't any help at all? In most cases, the real Yellow Pages only caters to your demographic, which can making finding an out-of-town number or private number quite difficult. But luckily for you the Internet offers other alternatives you can use to find phone numbers. The best thing about most alternatives is that the services are free of charge.

Open your Internet browser and go to the White Pages Online. (See Resources.)

Click on the "Advanced Search" tab that will be located at the top of the search form on the left side of the screen.

Fill in the necessary information, including the first and last name of the person you are looking for. Include the person's city and state to narrow your search results, then click the "Search" button.


Try to be as descriptive as possible when searching for phone numbers. Any information you can provide for the person you are trying to contact can be beneficial. It may also make the process easier. For example, if the person has a rather common name, you may need an address or some additional information to locate the correct person.

If this search method does not work,the site offers other alternatives that you can use. There are tabs displayed at the top of the screen for other search methods you can take.


Some numbers may not be available for public access. In most cases, cell phones and private numbers cannot be retrieved.

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