How to Find a Hidden Cell Phone

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Cell phones are common items among people in industrialized nations and are becoming increasingly common among those in the developing world. A person's contacts, calendar, favorite songs and other personal data can be stored on them, making cell phones an important part of one's life. Therefore, losing a cell phone may be a great inconvenience, but one that can be dealt with.

Find another operable phone. This may be another cell phone or a land-line phone you own. Dial the phone number of the cell phone that is hidden. Walk around the room, house or facility in which the phone may be located to see if you hear its ring tone or vibration. Once you do, retrieve the phone.

Use the phone of a friend or neighbor if your cell phone is the only phone you own. Dial the phone number of the hidden cell phone. Walk around the area where you think it may be. You may have to do this a few times in order to hear the ring tone or vibration. Once you have found it, retrieve your phone.

Determine the last place where you had the cell phone if you think the battery has died or the cell phone was turned off when it became hidden, and therefore you cannot hear a ring tone or vibration. Retrace your steps carefully to do this. If the cell phone has an identification device like a key ring finder, use this to find it. Ways to use this device may vary depending on the maker, but one way is to click on the key ring finder on another item you own like a TV remote control. A loud tone will be heard on the cell phone that has the key ring finder attached to it, helping you locate the hidden phone.