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How to Fill Out an Apartment Application

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There are a multitude of apartment units available for rent in most cities. Once you find the perfect apartment that fits your lifestyle, tastes and budget, the next step is to fill out an application. An apartment application is used for identification and approval purposes. Based on your application, a landlord will decide if your past rental history and other factors, such as earnings, qualify you to rent the unit.

Enter in your personal identification information. This includes a full name (which should match your state-issued identification card), a social security number, a birth date, a former address and a contact phone number.

Include your present address and possibly an address previous to that. You may also be asked to specify why you are moving from your current address.

Enter the names and personal information of all other occupants. Other occupants may include children, roommates or a spouse. The occupants' ages should also be listed.

Provide employment information or other income-related information. You can't qualify for an apartment without showing that you earn sufficient income to pay the monthly rent. Your income may come from employment or from other sources, such as Social Security or disability. Income sources should be listed for all adult occupants in the apartment.

If you have a pet, fill in the section on pets and specify what type of pet(s) you have. Some units may not allow pets, some only allow pets such as cats and dogs of a certain size, while others require an additional deposit to allow pets in the building.

Include any pertinent vehicle information. Any vehicles that will be parked on the premises must be included in the application. Vehicle information includes the year, make and model of the vehicle, and the vehicle license number.

Enter the contact information of your personal references. These references may be contacted by the landlord or management company to determine if you are reliable and would make a good tenant. Personal references may include friends, co-workers or old landlords.

Enter details regarding your credit references. This is not always required on an apartment application. A credit reference includes the name of the creditor, the date the card was issued, the account number and the balance owed. Your current credit status may help a landlord determine whether or not you are financially responsible and can afford the unit.

Include an emergency contact. The emergency contact person will be contacted in case there is ever an emergency situation (e.g., you are rushed to the hospital) and the landlord needs to notify someone of your condition or situation.

Sign the apartment application. Your signature guarantees that you have completed the application as accurately as you can and gives the landlord permission to pull your rental history and, possibly, your credit history.


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