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How to Donate Plasma for Money in Indiana

If you are looking for a way to make some extra money while helping out people in need, you can donate plasma. In Indiana, there are plasma donation centers available throughout the state. According to the Indiana Daily Student website, donating plasma is a popular way for Indiana students to make money. Compensation varies by donation center. According to BioLife Plasma Services, only two donations are allowed per seven-day period, with at least one day between donations.

Use the Donating Plasma website to find a plasma donation center in your area of Indiana. Just enter in your ZIP code to find locations nearby. Some centers in Indiana are BioLife and ZLB Plasma.

Contact the donation center using the contact details provided by Donating Plasma to set up your initial appointment.

Go to your appointment and plan to spend up to three hours in the donation center when you make your first visit. It takes longer for your first visit because of a health screening that you must undergo.

Schedule your follow-up appointment before leaving your first visit. According to Donating Plasma, at least one follow-up visit is required. Follow-up visits take less than two hours.


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