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How to Do a Job Search for Unemployment

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When you start receiving unemployment benefits, you're required to look for work each week. Usually you need to contact at least two different employers each week. The unemployment office can ask to see your job search efforts at any time and can request up to 60 days of previous job search efforts.

Get out your job search log sheet, if your state unemployment office has provided you with one. Not all states require job search log sheets. For example, Washington state requires them, but California doesn't. If you don't have a log sheet, you can use any piece of paper or a spreadsheet on your computer.

Register with your state unemployment office's online job bank. You can also register with other online job search websites, such as and The "PC Magazine" website has a list of the 20 best job search websites. Additionally, you can look for jobs in your local newspaper's classified ads.

Use the search function on the job bank and job search websites to look for jobs in your local area. Make sure you list the company, contact person and method of contact, along with the date you made contact.

Keep track of all of the jobs that you apply for on your job search log sheet. You need to write down the date of your application, the business name, business contact details that you used, how you made contact, any reference number or application number, your contact person and your specific activity, such as sending a resume or having an interview. You may not be able to get all of this information if, for example, the company doesn't reveal its name in the ad. Fill in as much information as you can.

Hold onto your job search log sheet each week. Only send it into your unemployment office if you're asked to do so.