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How to Check a CE Mark

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Most manufactured products that are made in, or imported to, the European Union must be CE marked. According to the Conformance website, this mark indicates that the item has been checked and it meets the standards of the CE-marking directives, set by the EU. This process effectively permits manufacturers and importers identical access to every EU country. It also standardizes safety and other regulations for all products that are sold there. Checking the CE mark on any item is a straightforward procedure.

Look on the item for the CE mark. It is almost always located on the bottom of the article. According to the Wellkang Tech Consulting website, the logo is made up of a rounded letter "C" and a rounded letter "E," located beside one another. The mark must be at least 5 mm high. The presence of the logo means that the item conforms to EU standards. However, there are a few instances when the manufacturer or importer is not required to place the logo on a particular article. If you cannot find the CE mark, there are other ways to check.

Check the instruction booklet or any other printed material that came with the item. According to the Conformance website, the CE mark may be here. In cases where the logo cannot be placed directly on an item, it must be located on these materials. However, in some cases there are no accompanying printed materials. If this is the case, there is another place where the CE mark might be found.

Examine the packaging that the item came in. The Conformance website states that the CE mark may be there. If the mark is not in any of the three places you have checked, you can assume that the article has not received EU approval and it may not legally be sold in any EU country.