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How to Become an Provider for Medicaid in Georgia

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Medicaid was established in 1965 under the Social Security Act by the U.S. Congress to provide medical care and medications to underprivileged individuals that have earned incomes below the federal poverty level. Medicaid is funded by both the federal and state governments and is primarily for young adults, pregnant women, and children. To become a Medicaid provider in the state of Georgia, you will need several things.

Get a business license if you don't already have one for your medical practice. Contact the Georgia Chamber of Commerce by phoning (404) 223-2264. Request a new business license application. Complete it and return it to the city or county registrar along, with the filing fee.

Contact the Drug Enforcement Agency. Schedule a time for a DEA inspection by phoning (404) 893-7000. Also contact the Georgia Drug and Narcotics Agency at (404) 656-5100 to schedule an inspection of your facility. Get certificates from both agencies.

Download an enrollment form from the US Department of Health and Human Services website (See Resources). Or phone (877) 567-7271 to get a copy of the Medicaid provider enrollment form. Complete the provider enrollment form.

Download and complete the "Provider Enrollment Application" from the Georgia Department of Community Health's website. Return it to the Georgia Department of Community Health. Also provide a copy of your business license, your medical license and degree, as well as the DEA and GDNA certifications.