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The Duties of a Clinic Nurse

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A clinical nurse is a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN) that provides inpatient care at hospitals or health care facilities. The clinical nurse must have knowledge of the equipment and instruments used in the performance of her duties.

Assist Doctors

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A clinical nurse will assist the doctor in the care of patients. This duty includes the preparation of equipment and instruments used by the physician. The clinical nurse delivers medication prescribed by the doctor and ensures the patient takes it on time. She will treat patients as outlined by the physician.


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A clinical nurse will conduct the intake procedures of each patient entering the hospital or health-care facility. This procedure involves the assessment of the injury or symptom, learning about past medical problems of the patient and other pertinent facts the doctor needs to identify and treat the medical problem.

Observation Duties

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It is the responsibility of the clinical nurse to observe and monitor each patient under her care. This involves timely visits to each patient and the recording those observations. The clinical nurse is the person seen most by the patient and has direct contact with the patient several times a day. Because of this, the nurse should know the condition of each patient and answer any questions he may have. During this observation, if there is a problem or concern found, it is the nurse's duty to report these findings to the doctor.

Cleaning Duties

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The cleaning of equipment and instruments to maintain sanitary conditions is the responsibility of the clinical nurse assigned to that station. Along with this is the responsibility to check the equipment periodically to make sure it works properly.

Communication Duties

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The clinical nurse is the first and last person to communicate with a patient or doctor. This communication is imperative for the diagnosis and treatment of the patient. Along with this communication duty, the nurse will answer patient questions either in person or on the phone.


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