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How to Become an Ordained Minister in Nevada

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Nevada, and Las Vegas in particular, ranks one of the most popular destinations for weddings in the United States. Accordingly, running a business performing weddings in the state can make a lucrative career for ministers ordained in Nevada. Ordination allows you to perform other rites as well, such as baptisms, baby dedications and funerals. Nevada does not require you to possess a license from the state, but does require you to register your ordination with the local County Clerk's office prior to performing weddings.

Attend and complete seminary education if your church requires it of you, even if the school lies outside of Nevada. Not all churches recognize the authority of free or online-based ordinations. Nevada does not require ministers working in the state to receive their ordination there or to be residents.

Choose a ministry to perform the ordination if you choose not to attend seminary. There are many organizations that provide ordination valid in Nevada. Some Christian ministries include First International Church of the Web and World Christianship Ministries. Some non-specific ministries include American Fellowship Church and American Marriage Ministries.

Read the ministry's code of ethics or statement of faith. Make sure you and the ministry accurately reflect each other's spiritual position.

Apply for ordination in Nevada using the application form available on the ministry's website. Sometimes this entails an email submission and sometimes, like with World Christianship Ministries, it entails a paper form you must fax or mail. If the ministry charges a flat or recurring fee, pay the appropriate fee.

Keep all documents you receive from the ministry in a safe place. All Nevada counties require you to file an Affidavit of Authority to Solemnize Marriages, signed by an officer of the ordaining ministry and notarized, with the County Clerk where you will perform weddings, if that is what you choose to do with your ordination. Some ministries, like First Nation Ministry and American Marriage Ministries, include this form with the ordination fee.


Check with your local County Clerk's office for any additional documentation they need before you begin your ministry there, since requirements vary by county.


Ordination does not grant you immediate tax-exempt status. Consult a tax professional about this issue to avoid potential trouble with the federal government.


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