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How to Become an Oakley Distributor

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Oakley’s well-know brand makes selling their products attractive to aspiring entrepreneurs. Sunglasses can be sold online or through stores and kiosks. Selling Oakley sunglasses to consumers can be a rewarding and profitable experience, but it can also pose some challenges if you’ve never owned your own company. Take the appropriate steps to increase your chances of business success.

Visit the Oakley website, under the “careers” page and fill out an online application (see References). This is the most crucial part of becoming an Oakley distributor. According to Oakley’s website, “Once you have applied to a position, a recruiter will review your resume. Due to the large number of resumes we receive, only those candidates whose skills and qualifications are best aligned with the position requirements will be contacted.” Oakley is a large organization, and it may take time to get a response back, so be patient.

Obtain your business license and permits once you have been contacted by the Oakley recruiter. Each state has different guidelines for operating a business. Having a business license is an absolute necessity. However, for selling sunglasses, you also may need a seller's permit. To obtain the appropriate forms and double-check requirements, go to your local city hall. Let the business development office know you are selling sunglasses; different businesses sometimes require different permits and fees. You also can go to the Business Licenses website to secure your permits and license from home (see References).

Acquire your store. Sunglasses stores are usually found in strip malls or kiosks within indoor malls. Take the time to research a high-traffic location. Sunglasses stores do not require large amounts of space. A 300-square-foot area will be more than sufficient. Sunglasses are, many times, sold to spontaneous purchasers, so you’ll have a better chance of success by positing your shop in a populated and busy environment. If you’ve never negotiated a commercial purchases or lease, consider hiring a commercial real estate agent.

Organize your company. The quantity of supplies and equipment needed to manage a sunglasses store is minimal. You’ll need display cases to properly showcase your sunglasses and office supplies. These supplies include a cash register, computer and paper. Having small tools such as screwdrivers and pliers are also necessities when making adjustments to a customer’s eye wear. Unless you plan on working behind the counter of your sunglasses store every day, you’ll need to hire at least one employee. Hire someone who is willing to work part-time, has sold sunglasses before and has cash-handling experience.

Market your business. Sunglasses are an investment that many people make, only, once or twice a year, so finding new buyers is critical to success. Print business cards, fliers and marketing materials, and distribute them. Ask satisfied customers to recommend you to their friends and families. Think of creative ways to get the word out, such as raffling off a pair of sunglasses to potential customers. This will generate interest in your business. Having a website also is essential.


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