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How to Become a Video Game Distributor

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Video game distributors often attract loyal and devoted consumers. Thanks to the Internet, distributors have a much easier path to networking and purchasing wholesale games internationally. You will need to have a firm grasp of your location, clientele, and product.

Apply for a reseller’s permit or license, sales tax ID and business permit. Each state has a Department of Commerce that issues reseller’s license and business permits. The tax ID is issued by the state’s Tax Commission.

Consider establishing an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) which will shelter your personal assets from business losses.

Establish a storefront. Video game distributors often find good locations in strip malls or shopping complexes. Locations near residential areas expand your clientele because high school and junior high age students, a large segment of video game purchasers, have easy access to your store.

Contact multiple video game wholesalers, such as Japan Video Games or Sonic Games, Inc. Typically, you will fax your contact information, including phone number, name and email address. You will also need to supply your tax ID and reseller’s permit.

Survey the wholesalers for the best price list. Each wholesaler will have different discounts and products. Also, take a look at their return policy.

Fill out the price list, checking off each purchased item and paying in advance.

Set up your shop with your products. Some video game distributors boost their sales by putting out consoles and game demos.


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