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How to Become an Authorized Cell Phone Distributor

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There are not too many places you can go and not see people talking on their cell phones. Starting a cell phone business and becoming an authorized cell phone distributor requires careful planning. An authorized cell phone distributor is a business that has obtained approval from a cell phone provider to sell its merchandise and service plans. If you are interested in becoming an authorized cell phone distributor, you must apply with the cell phone provider.

Choose a cell phone provider. Research the service plans, eligibility requirements and commission fees of various providers. You are not limited to choosing only one provider. Many authorized cell phone distributors do business with several providers to offer options for their customers. Some national cell phone providers include T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and Boost Mobile.

Create a business and marketing plan. Most cell phone providers require you to have a marketing and business plan to see if the potential relationship is a good fit. For example, T-Mobile wants authorized dealers to have a marketing plan with details regarding plans for target market growth.

Gather your financial and personal information. You will need to give the cell phone provider information about your finances. You will need to have enough capital for retail space, marketing and buying merchandise. Include any information regarding business loans or private investors.

Contact the cell phone provider. Once you have all of your information, contact the cell phone provider to express your interest in becoming an authorized distributor. Most cell phone providers have an online form to fill out on their website. A representative from the cell phone company will contact you and go into more detail about the opportunity.

Complete an application. Once you have spoken to someone, you will need to fill out an application. You will receive an answer of approval or denial concerning your application once it is fully reviewed. The cell phone provider may ask you for additional information, if necessary.

Attend training courses. Depending on the cell phone provider, you will have to go through a training course or take classes to receive a certification. Most training courses go over information about service plans, dealing with customers and communicating with the service provider.

Buy merchandise. After receiving approval as an authorized dealer, you will need to buy cell phone merchandise. The merchandise you buy will depend on your budget.


Having retail experience in the telecommunications industry will help you obtain approval.


Do not misrepresent the cell phone company you are working with, which may cause the company to terminate your business arrangement.