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How to Become a Verizon Master Agent

Verizon master agents ease the cost you incur by bringing Verizon services closer to you. They link wireless dealers with Verizon cellular providers. Their responsibilities include facilitating movement of Verizon wireless products such as mobile phones, post and prepaid services, Internet services and mobile phone accessories. The master agent earns commission depending on the products sold to customers. Verizon products and services are known internationally. Becoming a Verizon master agent has the potential to be very lucrative.

Research the Verizon company. Go to Verizon's main offices in New York to know more about their services. Also, you can get information on Verizon's website. If you need more clarification you can send them an e-mail. Verizon managers will explain to you the services they offer and opportunities available for master agents. One of the requirements you must have is experience in dealing with communication accessories and services.

Write a business plan and resume. Verizon is interested with the marketing plan. It should contain the needs and preferences of your potential dealers and customers, how you will conduct sales and methods of advertisements. In addition, the location and start-up capital should be detailed. Your resume should indicate your sales experience.

Fill the application form. This takes place only when your business plan and resume have been accepted. Verizon managers will issue you with a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This form restricts you from disclosing any information about the application process. Seek assistance and clarification from the managers when filling the form so as to give the right information. It will take a few weeks for Verizon to process your application.

Sign the Verizon Franchise Agreement. This agreement enlists the terms and conditions of the business. HIre a lawyer to help you in the process. Your lawyer will be in a better a position to explain legal clauses in the agreement.

Register the business and get an insurance cover. Get a DBA certificate from the courthouse within your location for your agency to be recognized by the government. Get insured to cover the business against risks such as fire and theft.

Start up the agency. A start-up capital of at least $ 60,000 is required. This will cover expenses such as the franchise agreement fee ($30,000), purchases (Verizon cell phones, calling cards), advertisement, rent and transport. In addition, you will need sales personnel. Conduct intensive and extensive advertisements through the electronic media and sales personnel to make the agency known. As the business gets established, re-invest the profits.


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