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How to Become a Wholesale TV Distributor

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In today's fast-paced world, televisions are essential sources of news and entertainment for the majority of the population. Television wholesalers scramble to fill this need by supplying retail outlets with the newest models equipped with the latest features. Large wholesalers are ill equipped to reach every retailer, so these businesses employ independent distributors. You can sign up with distributors, supply local retailers with televisions and make a hefty commission in the process. A working knowledge of the newest models, along with a private showroom to display your samples, will let you become a wholesale television distributor.

Choose one or more manufacturers that you wish to represent. Visit each manufacturer and choose only modern, high-quality televisions.

Apply with each manufacturer to become a distributor. Different companies have different rules. Comply with each manufacturer's requirements in order to get and keep your distributorship.

Order samples of the newest models of televisions from each manufacturer. Uncrate and inspect each set as soon as it arrives at your business.

Set up a showroom to display your samples. Hook up each set to a cable outlet or DVD player in order to make it functional for the display.

Visit retail outlets in your area. Invite purchasers and management staff from each retailer to your showroom.

Study the instructional materials included with each set. Explain the functions of the sets to the retailers who come to view your samples.

Take orders from customers. Require payment with each order. Deduct your markup on the sets from each check.

Send the orders along with the remaining money to the manufacturers. Receive shipment for each order. Inspect every set in each order. Deliver each order to your customers in a timely fashion.


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