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How to Become a Virtual School Teacher

Having a state teaching license is required to teach in many online schools. You will also need a high-speed Internet connection to get started teaching school online. Many tutoring companies will hire teachers without a teaching license, but they do require at least a bachelor’s degree in most cases. Requirements for actual online school teachers are more stringent than for tutors in an effort to make the quality of education in online classes as high as in traditional classrooms.

Earn a bachelor’s degree in an education-related discipline and get your teaching license in your state. If you only have a bachelor’s degree and no certification, check with your state’s department of education to see what alternative certification options it offers. Often, you can complete classes, do supervised teaching, pass the certification exam and get your license in about a year. Some online schools may require you to have a certain number of years of teaching experience in a traditional school before you can apply.

Visit the careers page on the website of a virtual school for which you want to teach. Many public school districts across the country offer a virtual school option, and many private schools do as well. K12 and Virtual High School are two companies that hire virtual school teachers. For K12, you will need to meet the No Child Left Behind Act’s highly-qualified teacher standards in addition to being certified in your state as a teacher.

Fill out the virtual school’s online job application. Submit any supporting documentation needed, such as copies of your transcripts and license, letters of recommendation and your resume. Apply to more than one virtual school to increase your chances of being hired by one.

Complete the training course that acquaints you with the virtual school’s teaching platform. Getting the hang of the technology involved in teaching online is not impossible, but it will take some study and practice. Once you master the tools available, you can create an engaging and interactive classroom that will help you build positive relationships with your students online just as you would in a regular classroom.


Leyla Norman has been a writer since 2008 and is a certified English as a second language teacher. She also has a master's degree in development studies and a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology.