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How to Become a Toll Booth Worker

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Toll booth workers are responsible for collecting the money that maintains a major roadway. The job requires the ability to stand for long periods of time and deal with potential anger from motorists unhappy with paying tolls. Depending on the tollway and your state, applying for a toll booth worker position can require visiting a state website or regular job classifieds.

Practice your math skills. Toll booth operators calculate the necessary toll fees for vehicles passing through the toll booth. However, fees are not equal to all vehicles. If the tollway charges different rates for cars, trucks and vehicles with multiple axles, your job is to charge the correct fee. For example, if a semi-truck is towing two trailers instead of one, you have to count the number of axles that touch the road and multiply that number by the flat axle rate. Additionally, toll workers calculate the total amount of money that their station brought in during the shift. If your calculations are incorrect, your supervisor will reprimand you.

Buy a comfortable pair of shoes, ear plugs and disposable rubber gloves. Depending on the toll booth, standing may be necessary for up to eight hours a day. Without comfortable foot wear, your feet will take a beating by the end of the week. Toll workers are also susceptible to hearing loss due to the loud noises coming from the roadway. Horns, engine noise and tire hum all contribute to eventual hearing loss without proper ear protection. Rubber gloves protect toll workers from the bacteria and germs found on paper money and coins. Also, if your hands are dry, gloves ensure that you are able to grab and count money.

Check the Secretary of State website or the website operated by the tollway authority for job openings as a toll booth worker. For example, if you live in New Jersey, contact the New Jersey Turnpike Authority for employment. Tollway websites usually offer online applications and instructions for seeking employment. Look for any special requirements or previous experience needed for positions. Though a majority of toll booth positions do not require higher education, your state may have different requirements.

Arrive at your toll booth worker interview fifteen minutes early wearing casual dress. A suit and tie is usually not required. Answer questions concisely and honestly, and prepare to give the employer your availability for the week. Full-time toll booth worker positions will require 40-hours per week or more. Additionally, toll booths are manned 24-hours per day, so night shift work may be necessary.