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How to Become a Thread Technician for Eyebrows

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Eyebrow threading is an ancient hair removal technique originated in India and used for years in the Middle East. Today, many Americans find that threading is a clean and painless alternative to plucking or waxing your eyebrows. Licensed cosmetologists and estheticians are typically trained in the art of eyebrow threading during cosmetology school. However, you don't have to earn a full-fledged cosmetology license to become an eyebrow-threading technician. In fact, in most states you don't even have to be certified to work in a spa, salon or even a shopping mall kiosk as an eyebrow-threading technician.

Decide what type of instruction suits your needs. No matter what your level of knowledge and experience in threading is, you can generally choose between two types of training. Many spas offer eyebrow -- and other facial hair -- threading courses onsite led by certified instructors. Other spas and esthetics web resources offer distance-learning courses that can be completed online.

Search for a suitable online program. You really should gain some hands-on experience to fully comprehend all aspects of eyebrow threading, but with determination and volunteers to practice on, you can train at your convenience through online programs. Since you won't gain any type of certification in this type of distance learning, online programs are best suited for licensed cosmetologists brushing up on modern techniques. Most online threading courses include instructional DVDs and a professional threading kit.

Attend a fast, onsite threading certification course. Whether you are an experienced cosmetologist or an aspiring eyebrow threading technician, the ideal educational route is a short threading certification course. Spas and accredited continued education facilities nationwide offer threading courses that provide certificates of achievement once you have successfully completed the course. Some can be completed in as little as five hours and provide same-day certification.

Practice on your friends to build -- or add to -- your portfolio. This step is especially important for novice thread technicians without salon experience. Create a professional portfolio that includes documentation of your credentials -- your training, experience and certification -- and photos of your work. Practice threading the eyebrows of friends and family members and take before and after photos to put in your portfolio.

Contact local salons and spas to inquire about employment openings. With some practice behind your belt, a certificate of accomplishment and professional work portfolio, you're ready to enter the employment field as a full-fledged eyebrow threading technician. Search for job opportunities in hair and nail salons, day spas and department stores to start building your career.


At the time of publication, you are not required to carry a license, permit or certification to perform eyebrow-threading techniques. However, many states are lobbying to get laws passed that require eyebrow-threading technicians to be certified by the state.


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