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How to Become a Taxi Driver in Las Vegas

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A job as a taxi driver requires little education, offers flexible work hours and doesn't require much up-front investment. It is an especially viable job option in a high-demand city like Las Vegas. Most Vegas taxi drivers rent their cabs from a taxicab company. The drivers find fares with the help of dispatch services, or pick up passengers waiting at cabstands at the airport, train station, hotels, restaurants, and other places. Nevada's Clark County commission sets licensing standards for Las Vegas taxicab drivers.

Get a Nevada driver's license. Taxi drivers who work in Las Vegas do not need a commercial driving license. However, you have to pass both the written exam and the driving test like any other noncommercial driver. The driver's license will also be a document proof of Nevada state residency.

Pass the Nevada Department of Transportation physical exam. The exam is administered to determine whether you're fit enough to drive a commercial vehicle safely at the present time and in the foreseeable future. The physical fitness clearance guidelines include vision and hearing tests and diagnosis for high blood pressure and diabetes. You will also be assessed for drug and medication intake.

Find a job at one of the many taxi companies in the city. A taxi company will require you to have some prior driving experience and preferably a high school degree or an equivalent. You need to demonstrate an ability to read maps and follow directions, and an ability to account for taxi fares and other financial transactions. The taxi company will also ask for the Nevada driver's license and the physical exam approval form. If hired, most companies will train you on how to use a taximeter and navigate around the city. You will also learn about car safety and customer service.

Get a Clark County taxi driver's permit. All Las Vegas cab drivers require a permit from the county to work in the city. The permit requirements include: referral and authorization letters from the taxi company that hired you; the physical fitness approval form, a valid Nevada driver's license and a proof of Nevada residency. You will also have to produce your recent history of residences and employment and a history of any convictions and pending court cases. Applicants also must pass a basic aptitude test and attend a seminar on driving awareness.


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