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How to Become a Tax Preparer in North Carolina

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Tax preparers provide a valuable service to those who find income tax filing to be a complicated process. The demand for the service may be greater around tax season, but tax preparers in North Carolina may enjoy steady work from individuals and businesses that require tax assistance year round. Candidates will need adequate training before launching a career as a tax preparer. Training is available from various types of providers in North Carolina.

Register for a course in income tax preparation. You may find tax preparation courses online, in one of North Carolina’s community colleges or at tax preparation companies. Some tax preparation companies, like Liberty Tax and Jackson Hewitt, provide the course free.

Complete the tax course. The duration of the course will depend on where you take it. For instance, you will complete the course in two semesters at Coastal Carolina Community College, or you could complete it in 11 weeks at H&R Block.

Seek employment. If you take the tax preparation course through a tax preparation company, you may receive an offer to interview for an available position at the end of the course. These companies usually hire seasonal and part-time tax preparers around tax time. You can also start your own tax preparation business. Since start-up requirements are low, you can operate the business at home.


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