How to Become a Street Vendor

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How to Become a Street Vendor. One of the most commonly asked questions that municipalities answer is about becoming a street vendor. Street fairs are a great way to spend a weekend. Street vendors are not only food vendors; events include antiques, clothes, face painting, vintage collectibles and anything else you can imagine. The key to being a successful vendor is to get people to buy what they don't need.

Decide if you want to do it alone or join a street vendor organization. These organizations can help you with licenses and renewals, ID Badges, taxes, locations, tickets and criminal actions.

Get licensed before you start to sell or buy equipment. Everyone needs to apply at their town's municipal office. If you sell at flea markets, holiday markets and street fairs, you only need a temporary license.

Escape the need for a vendor license if you can be classified as an artist. Artists sell their artwork on certain streets. Enforcement of this law is difficult for authorities. The sale of jewelry, crafts, prints and photos are not considered artwork.

Write down a schedule of the events you would like to attend as a street vendor. It is important to find out the rain policy of the street fair, flea market or holiday market.

Determine the cost for reserving a vendor spot at the event�remember location is everything.

Calculate if a lottery system for vendor position at an event is worth the weekly stress. Many times events have an early morning lottery to make the transition from seasonal vendors to weekly vendors.

Read the street vendor guidelines for your event. The guidelines will tell you about waste receptacles, health regulations, signage, dog policies and insurance.

Prepare yourself to work hard. A career as a street vendor is a difficult task. The plus of your job is that you will be able to work outdoors. Self-employment is also a bonus.


Make sure you get all the appropriate licenses and permits.


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