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How to Become a Prepaid Cell Phone Card Vendor

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Selling prepaid cell phone cards at a discount rate could become a lucrative part-time or full-time career for you. It will help your customers afford to make domestic and international calls. You could even sell the cards in bulk at a discount rate, targeting customers normally unable to afford a landline phone plan or cell phone plan. It is easy to sell your own cards, especially if you buy them cheaply.

Investigate outlets in your locale that carry prepaid cell phone cards. Consider the prices and how many minutes they offer. Also, check if they sell domestic and international calling cards. This could help you find a way to differentiate yourself from other retailers.

Register your business with your city, county or state. You need a business license and tax identification number to start a business selling prepaid phone cards. This is because you need to pay taxes from your sales.

Search for companies selling prepaid calling cards at wholesale. United World and Afrikacard offer inexpensive deals. Of course, the more you buy, the cheaper the cost becomes.

Advertise your prepaid cell phone cards to stores and businesses. Speak with the manager or owner about purchasing your cards. Offer them at a slightly higher amount than your purchase price at (so both you and the store can make a profit), but set the prices lower than your competitors.

Sell the prepaid calling cards to consumers instead. This allows you to set your own price for the cards, especially much lower. Create an online store or set up your own brick and mortar store.


Consider your demographic area when selling prepaid cell phone cards. Domestic cards are relatively useless if people from other countries dominate your area.

Target a certain market like the poor or college kids who cannot afford cell phones.


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