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How to Become a NASCAR Vendor

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NASCAR's popularity brings over three million people to race tracks each year - which means there is high demand for souvenirs and concessions. To become a vendor at a NASCAR event, it is necessary to contact individual race tracks to petition or apply for a spot. Additionally, a state license will be required, whether for merchandise, food, or alcohol vending services. The effort will be worth it on race day, when hungry fans show up.

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Check state vendor requirements. States will require vendors to purchase licenses for services such as providing food or alcohol. All state websites will have contact information or specific licensing requirements and informations (see resources). Before you can be a vendor at a speedway, have your state paperwork in order.

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Contact individual race tracks and speedways for vendor information. Smaller competitive NASCAR speedways will likely be easier to access, while large speedways like Talladega or Daytona may be more competitive or costly for vendors.

Provide vendor services at a speedway when licenses and applications have been approved and received. Obtain a separate NASCAR merchandise license by completing the application and being approved by NASCAR.


You can be prosecuted for selling unlicensed NASCAR merchandise, or for running a vendor booth without the appropriate state license. Make sure to have licenses posted appropriately and kept up-to-date.


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