How to Become a Metlife Agent

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MetLife is one of the most recognized and largest carriers of insurance products. It offers individual, group health, life and disability insurance. Insurance producers and agencies must receive appointment from MetLife before selling any of MetLife’s products and services. Each agent must have her state insurance license in the state of appointment request, prior to applying for the MetLife appointment.

Get your state license to sell life and health insurance. Each state has different requirements and processes to obtain licensure. Most states require completion of education credits and successful passage of an examination. Visit your state’s department to insurance web site to find out the requirements.

Go to the MetLife web site to download and print a copy of the appointment application. You will need formal appointment by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company to sell any MetLife products.

Complete the MetLife appointment application. The application requires you select the type of coverage you are seeking appointment to sell and if you are a producer or agency. If you are an independent agent who submits sales through a brokerage, do not use this form and contact your brokerage for the appropriate forms. The brokerage may have prior appointment to sell MetLife products and have a different submission procedure.

Read the authorization acknowledgment forms carefully then sign and date the application and appropriate forms. Submit the completed application, forms and a copy of your current license to MetLife. You can mail, fax or email the package. This information is located in the application and the MetLife website.

Wait to hear back from MetLife regarding your appointment. MetLife will review your application, verify your licensing and perform a background check. As of 2011, nine states (Florida, Montana, Indiana, Oregon, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Missouri and Utah) and Puerto Rico require appointment before your customer can purchase MetLife products through you. In all other states, the requirement is for the appointment application submission to occur before submitting any customer applications.