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How to Become a Heavyweight Boxer

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Boxing is not a sport someone can learn overnight. It takes years of physical and mental training in order to become successful, and few actually do. The path to becoming a heavyweight boxer is tough road and reserved for those with only the greatest skills and deepest passion. A heavyweight boxer is recognized by the major boxing commissions as someone over 200 pounds; to become a heavyweight boxer, you need size, strength, endurance and style.

Begin training in the sport of boxing as early as possible. The earlier you begin training, the better your chances are at excelling in the sport. It takes years to master the intricacies and techniques associated with boxing, so getting started at a young age is optimal.

Hire a boxing coach to assist you along the way. Your coach will provide vital information on everything you need to know about boxing, such as how to throw and dodge a punch. He'll teach how to move your feet and the different punches you can throw (jabs and hooks, for example). Your coach will play a major role in this endeavor.

Learn the various methods of training. Boxers need mental, power and speed training. The mental aspect requires learning how to think while in the ring; turn to your coach or an experienced boxer when you experience bumps along the way. Power is acquired by strength training. Speed can be acquired through shadow boxing and using a speed bag.

Hit the gym and work out. Boxing requires you to be strong mentally and physically, both of which can to attained by spending time in the gym. It’s fine to lift weights and do exercises, but you will only achieve success if you are mentally strong and able to push yourself to do better than the last time you were there. Use a heavy bag to develop your punching power.

Get in a boxing ring and spar with a partner. Learn how to move in the ring. You coach will assist you in learning how to do this effectively. Perfect how to move around the ring, counter punch and defend yourself.

Develop a style. Every boxer has a style. It’s not always about who has the most strength or the most speed. It is a sport that requires skill. Muhammad Ali’s style was to dance or move quickly around his opponent and use his speed to land punches; although he wasn’t the strongest fighter, he was able to land many punches. George Foreman used his power to his advantage, landing devastating strikes after waiting for his opportunity. Mike Tyson had very quick hands and the power to back it up; he was in constant attack mode.

Eat well. Being a heavyweight means you must consume a lot to support the needs of your body. However, it doesn’t mean you should eat poor foods. Consume protein-rich foods, fruits, veggies and lots of water.


Not everyone can become a heavyweight boxer. Your body may not allow you to reach over 200 pounds. If you cannot box at this level, consider moving down.


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