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How to Become a DME Sales Rep

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Durable medical equipment, also known as DME, includes a wide range of equipment and supplies to assist patients with various conditions who need therapeutic assistance and help with mobility and monitoring, among other needs. Patients, physicians, hospitals and other health industry types buy or lease durable medical equipment. Doctors write orders for DME, and most health plans cover some or all costs associated with DME. DME sales representatives typically work with doctors and facilities to establish client bases that will refer and recommend their equipment to patients and drive sales of the products they represent.

Gather experience is a sales capacity, such as an entry-level sales position in a retail establishment. You will learn the basics of dealing with customers, up-selling and pricing, which are helpful in any sales job. You may find it difficult to break into DME sales without any prior sales or health care experience.

Obtain your bachelor’s degree in business or health management. You likely want a mix of both areas if you plan a career in DME or any medical equipment sales. This education will provide the foundation to understand sales, numbers and the health care industry. Many of the major medical sales organizations require employees to have four-year degrees.

Earn certification as a registered medical sales representative. You gain an RMSR credential through the National Association of Medical Sales Representatives. The RMSR program provides training for those looking to become a medical sales representative. The program contains education on the industry, product knowledge and medical sales techniques. You can complete the program in 55 to 75 hours, after which you'll take an online examination to earn this credential.

Obtain an entry-level job at an organization that sells durable medical equipment. You can find openings for such jobs listed on medical equipment companies' websites or with the help of an independent recruiter that specializes in sales positions. The NAMSR offers an employment center to link NAMSR members and medical sales employers.

Enlist a seasoned DME sales professional as a mentor who can show you the ropes. Go on sales call with your mentor and let her teach you about prospecting for new clients, cold calling, maintaining relationships with doctors and facilities, using communication materials, delivering sales presentations and closing sales. She can teach you what makes your company’s equipment shine above other companies' equipment.


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