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How to Become a Cheerleader Coach

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Becoming a cheerleading coach is not extremely difficult, but it does involve careful preparation and much hard work. The most valuable tool for becoming a cheerleading coach is a "safety first" attitude. Cheerleading involves many components which can be dangerous if not executed safely and overseen by a trained coach, so the most important thing you can do when becoming a cheerleading coach is to learn and implement safety regulations specific to cheerleading.

Read the AACCA 2010 - 2011 School Cheerleading rules (see References). Highlight any parts that do not make sense to you in order to seek clarification on these in the future. Review the updated rules carefully each year.

Find an AACCA safety course to enroll in (see References). This one-day course will give you a strong foundation for becoming a cheerleading coach. Upon successful completion of the course, you will have cheerleading safety credentials and liability insurance as well.

Seek out a team in need of volunteers or an assistant coach. Offer to help in whatever capacity they need. Observe practices, games, fundraisers and community service events, gleaning as much information as you can. Take notes and consult your AACCA 2010- 2011 School Cheerleading Rules frequently.

Asses your expertise in the key areas of cheerleading: cheering, dancing, tumbling and stunting. Determine which area is your weakest and seek out additional training in that area. The Universal Cheerleaders Association is a great resource for additional training in cheerleading (see References).


When searching for a squad to assist, look for one that is well-established or highly respected within the cheerleading community. Start a coach's journal, documenting situations your encounter and lessons you learn. It can be a useful tool for you later in your coaching career.


"Safety first" cannot be overstated. Make sure that the experience level of your squad and yourself is appropriate for the skills you are attempting.