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Cheerleading Coach Requirements

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There is no set requirements across the board for cheerleading coaches. Different states provide different regulations for certifications for high school and all-star coaches, and regulations for college cheerleading coaches are determined by the NCAA, but not all colleges and universities participate in the NCAA. In general, most levels of cheerleading coaches require some form of certification and training.

High School Coaches

Many high schools participate in the NFHS (National Federation of High School Activities). In order to coach any sport in schools associated with the NFHS, it is required to complete a "Fundamentals of Coaching" course, obtain a first-aid certification and attend a sport specific coaching class. Some high schools may include additional requirements such as background checks, CPR certifications or require that the coach is already employed by the school district.

College Cheerleading Coaches

Coaching college or university cheerleading generally requires more certifications and experience. Although cheerleading is not a school sanctioned sport by the NCAA, cheerleading coach requirements are still made by the NCAA. According to the NCAA, the cheerleading coach (sometimes also referred to as an advisor) is required to have up to date safety certifications, such as CPR and first aid. In order to be a college coach and ensure that injuries will be covered under the NCAA's policy, they can not be an undergraduate student, member of the team, or student coach. Many universities will require a college degree, and often encourage or require ongoing courses and education in the field.

All-Star Coaching

All-star cheerleading is comparable to other club sports. All-star cheerleading programs have their own gyms, equipment and coaches. With the high risk of injury involved with cheerleading it is critical that All-star programs have the proper credentials. All-star coaches need to be certified with a cheerleading association. USASF (U.S. All Star Federation) in one of the most widely used certifying organizations. It is required to have the entire gym certified. This includes having all of the coaches CPR certified, having the gym director be registered with the AACCA (American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators), be first-aid certified and undergo background checks.


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