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How to Become a Celebrity Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

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Celebrity makeup artists work exclusively with movie stars, political figures, musicians and others in the public eye. These stylists and artists receive critiques in magazines, online articles and television shows. All celebrity makeup artists and hairstylists began careers the same way, but stand out by working with well-known clientele due to the level of work and detail the artist puts forth.

Determine the education and license requirements for your state. This can be done by contacting the Barbering and Cosmetology department of the Office of Licensing and Registration.

Obtain a GED or high school diploma if it is a requirement to become a licensed celebrity makeup artist and stylist in your state. Research accredited and state licensed cosmetology and hairstyling schools in your state if you must attend them before receiving a license.

Enroll and complete separate courses in cosmetology and hairstyling in order to receive a diploma for each of them. The school may be specific to cosmetology or barbering, or may be a community college or university that offers the specific training.

Obtain a state cosmetology and hairstylist license to work as a celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist. In order to receive the license, you must pass an exam that may include written or oral questions to test your knowledge and skill. You will need to take an exam on hairstyling and cosmetology separately in order to receive a license in each field, with the exception of a few states as of 2011.

Take remedial classes and courses on new products or styles to keep your training up-to-date. Renew your cosmetology and hairstyling license if your state sets expiration dates on the licenses.

Apply for a position within a well-known hair and makeup salon. These salons are generally in areas containing many celebrities, such as New York City, Los Angeles or Hollywood. Doing so will allow you to potentially display your work to celebrities, management or other important people in the industry.

Approach a celebrity or management member concerning a position working directly for him. You may meet the celebrity or the management through the salon you work for or through people who come into the salon.

Contact the celebrity’s management through mail or telephone if you do not meet management or a celebrity through the salon. You may obtain this information through the celebrity’s website or by contacting individual management companies and offering your services.


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