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How to Become a Bar Method Instructor

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The Bar Method is a trade marked workout program that combines dance, physical therapy and interval training into a unique exercise that helps people who are looking to have a lean, sculpted body. The Bar Method is popular with dancers and models who want to achieve an elongated, youthful appearance. The first Bar Method studio opened in 2001 in San Francisco and has since spread to locations across the country. In early 2008, the company announced a franchising program that allows Bar Method enthusiasts to open their own studios and become Bar Method instructors.

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Find a local Bar Method studio by looking at the Bar Method website ( Click on "Locations" to find the closest studio to you. Currently 13 U.S. states have Bar Method studios. If you are interested in becoming a Bar Method instructor outside of these 13 states, you will need to purchase the Bar Method DVDs from the website in order to qualify.

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Practice and learn the Bar Method for at least three months to gain the proficiency required to become an instructor. If you are attending classes at a studio, express your interest in becoming an instructor so that you can gain insight from current teachers on their experience and perhaps even apply to work in the studio.

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Contact Carl Diehl who coordinates franchise sales for the Bar Method at once you have completed three months of training. This will allow you to apply to start your own franchise and become an instructor. If you are looking to teach at an existing studio, you should continue to refine your skills and apply to become an instructor there. You cannot teach the Bar Method outside a Bar Method studio.