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How to Be Employed As a Christian Speaker

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Before entering full-time ministry as a Christian speaker, it is important to pray and be sure that it is something that God is calling you to do. Once your calling and election is sure, you should start spreading the word about your ministry. Once you start receiving invitations to speak, there are certain protocols that should be followed.

Create a media kit. The media kit should include a press release that details your Christian background, previous television appearances and recently released books. State in the press release that you are available for booking and interviews. If there are special types of events that you would like to speak at, include those events. For example, “Minister John Doe is available to speak at conferences, workshops, revivals and retreats. Include your contact information for booking requests.

Include a professional headshot of yourself in the media kit. If you have audio snippets of recent interviews, include a CD or DVD of those snippets.

Send the media kit to Christian television and radio shows. If a television or radio show host is impressed by your press release, he will contact you for an on-air interview. The interview is a free tool that you can use to spread the word about your ministry and your area of expertise to a wider Christian audience.

Send the media kit to local pastors if you are an author. The pastor may decide to invite you to speak at an upcoming seminar or workshop that deals with the topic of your expertise.

Avoid demanding high honorariums for your speaking services. This is especially true when you are just starting out as a Christian speaker. If your fee is too high, many event committees will look for another speaker who has lower fees.

An acceptable honorarium requirement, when you are just starting out is $150 to $200 per service or workshop. However, there are times when it is acceptable to appear without pay. For example, if you are invited to speak at an event that has been well publicized in the community, the free exposure can benefit you more than an honorarium. Another example of when you should appear without pay is when you feel God is leading you to do so. After all, when you are a Christian speaker, he is your employer.

Request that the inviting organization pay for your transportation, hotel and food. You will be better able to weather the inevitable economic challenges you'll face at first if these expenses are handled by the inviting organization.