How to Be a Radiology Nurse

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How to Be a Radiology Nurse. Radiology nursing is one of the many specialties available to those seeking a registered nursing degree. A radiology specialty requires extra training beyond the standard nursing school courses. A radiology nurse can choose sub-specialties in the area of diagnostic radiology or radiation therapy.

Graduate from an accredited school of nursing with a registered nursing degree.

Enroll in a radiology specialty program for nurses. This may entail an extra year of coursework after college in order to pass a certification test in radiology.

Get a job in the radiology department of a hospital or clinic. If you choose diagnostic radiology, you will be using MRI, CAT scan and ultrasound equipment to assist radiologists in diagnosing patients.

Pursue a radiation therapy specialty. Radiation therapy can include chemotherapy, radiation treatments for cancer patients and administering specialized therapies to those with blood clots.

Monitor the progress of patients under your care. Check their vital signs and make certain that all of the doctor's orders are being administered. Bring any changes in the patient's status to the radiologist's attention.

Be an advocate for the patient, serving as a go-between for the patient and the doctor. Keep the patient informed about what the doctor is ordering and why the treatment is necessary. Provide comfort to patients who are coping with serious illnesses.