How Much Does Six Flags Pay?

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Six Flags is the largest amusement park company in the world, based on the number of properties owned. Employees are paid various hourly rates, depending on the location of the park and the position. For those looking to work for the Six Flags parks, it's worth researching the pay scale for each opening, from ride operators to supervisors.

History of Six Flags

Six Flags was founded in 1961. Originally, the corporation opened in Texas and has since spread to 14 different locations in three countries including the United States, Canada and Mexico. Angus G. Wynne, a Texas businessman, is the founder. When Six Flags first opened, it was known for its thrilling roller coaster rides, a reputation the parks enjoy to this day. The company had numerous years of financial success until 2009. During that year, the corporation filed for bankruptcy and had a debt of $25 million. The company was able to restructure in Spring 2010 and has been operating successfully since.

How Much Does Six Flags Pay?

Every employee's hourly rate depends on his park's location. On average, workers can expect around $8.52 per hour as a ride operator, $8.63 for a lifeguard and $8.51 for team members. A security officer can expect a higher pay rate—around $10.06 per hour—while a seasonal supervisor can expect just a bit more at $10.65 per hour. As a game host, the pay is around $8.36 hourly and food service workers pay is set around $8.44 per hour.

Benefits of Working at Six Flags

If you love being around people and spending long hours outdoors, taking in the sunshine, you can get the best of both worlds while working at Six Flags. Since most parks stay relatively busy (especially during peak seasons), your work day would likely fly by quickly. Interacting with guests around the world means you will interact with individuals of different cultures.

Working at Six Flags means you can visit the park as often as you would like. You can even bring a friend along for fun-filled days while you're not working, all free of charge. You can also expect in-park discounts for food, drinks or other items you wish to purchase during your free visit.

Six Flags takes pride in hosting exclusive employee events to show appreciation. Additionally, there is career growth potential, allowing staff to advance in leadership no matter where you start within the company. The company also provides recognition and reward programs for their staff. If you're looking for a place to work that fits your out-going, fun-loving personality, Six Flags may be the perfect career choice for you.