How Much Does a Salon Receptionist Make ?

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When you call to set your next hair or manicure appointment, you are most likely talking to the salon's receptionist. They maintain the appointment book, greet customers and take payment when the appointment is over. Most positions require a high school degree and pay in the $20,000 range depending upon location.

Salon Receptionists Average

The third most common industry for receptionists in 2010 was the personal care services industry, which includes salons, representing 5.2 percent of the 997,080 working receptionists that year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average salary for receptionists in salons that year was $20,940 per year or $10.07 per hour.

National Comparison

In 2010, the national mean or average salary for receptionists of all kinds was $26,260 per year or $12.63 per hour. This placed the average salary for receptionists in salons in the second quartile or 25th to 50th percentile of the national pay scale of the 997,080 American receptionists' salaries.

Industry Comparisons

Receptionists in salons did not fare as well as receptionists in other industries. Receptionists working in the offices of physicians made $26,760 on average per year and those in dentists' offices made an average $29,840 per year. Receptionists working in the motion picture and video industries earned a mean $32,650 per year, while those working for the post office made the highest average at $53,970 annually.

Location Matters

Location also made a difference in the average salary of a receptionist. While the BLS did not list industry average salaries by state, the general state averages reflect big differences. For example, receptionists working in California in 2010 made an average $28,810, while those in Louisiana made a mean $22,430 per year. New York receptionists average $28,350 annually while their Texan counterparts took home $24,720 on average per year. The highest-paying area was Washington, D.C., with an average salary of $34,530 per year.