How Much Does a Laser Hair-Removal Technician Make a Year?

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Laser hair-removal technicians eliminate unwanted, unsightly or otherwise problematic hair through laser treatments that impact hair follicles. These technicians averaged around $32,000 in 2010, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but experienced technicians often make well above this amount, particularly if they have an advanced degree, depending on their employer and geographical region.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics includes laser hair-removal technicians in its "Skincare Specialists" category. For this industry, pay averaged $32,030, or about $15.40 per hour, in 2010. This average is extremely close to data from the Simply Hired website, which reports that the average for laser hair-removal technicians was $32,000 in May 2011.


Data for the 2010 year from the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that those in the lowest 10th percentile in the "Skincare Specialist" category made $17,090. This is the same as $8.22 hourly, which doesn't meet minimum wage requirements in certain states as of 2011. In the 90th percentile, pay was $50,890 annually, or about $24.47 hourly. This figure is close to one provided by the InnerBody website. This source indicates that, as of 2011, laser hair-removal technicians earned up to $50,000.

Employer Differences

Laser hair-removal technicians may be employed in various settings, such as hospitals and spas; this impacts their rates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the best pay was in physician offices, which averaged $39,540 in 2010. Amusement and recreation industries followed at $38,450. Outpatient care centers provided compensation of $37,650, while general medical and surgical hospitals paid $37,280. Laser hair-removal technicians made the least in department stores, where pay was $36,660.

Region Variance

Pay was best for those in the "Skincare Specialist" category in Delaware in 2010, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Pay in that state averaged $46,130. Hawaii, Oregon, the District of Columbia and Washington followed with rates averaging between $40,370 and $46,130. The worst pay was found in the regions of Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Ohio and Pennsylvania, where pay was between $19,970 and $24,440.


Laser hair-removal technicians often recommend skin care products to their clients. In certain cases, technicians can receive additional commissions for the products they sell. Additionally, certain employers prefer their technicians to have advanced training, such as in nursing or dermatology. Individuals with these types of degrees make more than technicians without a degree.