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How Much Do Online Tutors Get Paid?

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Online tutors provide assistance to students around the world in all sorts of subjects ranging from chemistry to English as a second language. Tutors may work for a company or for themselves. If they work for themselves, the amount they make depends on what they charge and the costs of running their business. If they work for a company, their income is determined by the hours whenthey are available to work and the number of students available to be tutored during those hours. Tutors paid by companies are generally paid an hourly rate that varies from company to company as well as according to the subject taught.


Online tutors working for a company are generally paid around $12 per hour. This amount can increase to $25 or $30 per hour, depending on the subject taught and the experience of the tutor, according to In many cases, math, science and test prep tutors can find positions more easily than teachers in the social sciences, arts or humanities. Companies may also offer incentive or bonus payments for referring other teachers or students to the company. Bonuses may also be based on performance and student feedback.

What It Includes

Some tutoring sessions may just revolve around whatever homework a child needs help with at a particular time. Other tutoring sessions may involve a company that has preprepared lessons for teachers to use in their tutoring sessions. Sometimes, tutors have to prepare their own materials. They may also have to grade homework and reply to inquiries from students. These activities may or may not be included in the hourly rate set by the company.


Your schedule and availability to work may also affect your income if you work for a company. If you are available to teach night classes, you may earn a higher salary than teachers only available during the day. If you can teach at a peak time or at a hard-to-staff time for a company, you may also get a higher rate or more work. Substituting for other tutors may also help you to bring in extra income.

Some companies will require you to work a set schedule every week, while others may be okay with you working as an independent contractor. Some companies offer full-time employment, while many only offer part-time work. If you can tutor more than one subject, you can also expect more work.

One example of a tutoring schedule is, which offers tutors the chance to tutor a minimum of four to a maximum of nine hours per day with a regular schedule (as of March 2011)., however, offers tutors a more flexible weekly schedule.

Own Business

If you have your own tutoring business, you may be charged a fee for listing yourself as a tutor on a tutoring site where students have signed up to look for a tutor. Wherever you advertise your services, compare your services and the rates you charge to other similar tutors to stay competitive. If you charge too much, students are likely to avoid you because of the expense. If you charge too little, students are likely to be suspicious that you do not provide good tutoring services -- and will also be likely to avoid you.


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