How Much Do Arkansas Real Estate Agents Get Paid?

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The Arkansas Department of Workforce Services estimates that the need for real estate agents in the state will increase by more than 4 percent from 2006 through 2016. This increased demand should create roughly 128 new jobs in the field during that time frame. How much a real estate agent makes in Arkansas varies based upon her geographic location in the state.


As of May 2009, real estate sales agents in Arkansas made an average of $37,910 per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Agents in the state earned roughly 29 percent less than the nationwide average, which was $53,100 annually. When compared to the other states in the country, Arkansas had the fifth-lowest pay rates for agents. In addition to their salaries, real estate agents in Arkansas often earn commission equal to a percentage of the fees that their employing agencies receive from sales.


Wages for real estate agents in western Arkansas exceeded the statewide average salaries by 1 to 7 percent as of May 2009, according to the BLS. Salaries were highest in Fort Smith where real estate agents made an average of $40,480 per year, the second-highest wages of any major metropolitan area statewide. In the metropolitan area comprised of Fayetteville, Springdale and Rogers, real estate agents received salaries that averaged $38,370 annually.


Real estate agents in the Little Rock, North Little Rock and Conway area earned the highest average annual wages statewide, according to the BLS as of 2009. Agents in these cities enjoyed salaries that averaged $42,850 annually, roughly 13 percent above the Arkansas statewide average. Salaries for real estate agents in the rural areas of Central Arkansas averaged $28,270 per year. Wages in these nonmetropolitan areas were 25 percent below the Arkansas average and the lowest wages statewide.

Other Areas

Outside of western an central Arkansas, the highest average annual wages for real estate agents were found in Jonesboro, where agents made an average of $37,270 per year as of May 2009, according to the BLS. In the rural areas of southern Arkansas real estate agents earned an average of $37,080 annually. Salaries for real estate agents in the parts of Arkansas included in the Memphis, Tennessee, metropolitan area averaged $31,240, the second-lowest wages statewide.


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