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How Do I Know if I'm Eligible for WIA Benefits in Kentucky?

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Kentucky residents who have recently been laid off or otherwise displaced from their jobs may qualify for one or more services provided through the federal Workforce Investment Act. WIA services are available to adults who have lost their jobs and youth who meet certain criteria, such as having low literacy or being a single parent. Core services, such as labor market information and marketability assessments, are available to almost all displaced workers. To qualify for services such as WIA training grants, however, displaced workers must first make a concerted effort to find and keep employment by using WIA core services.

Gather your relevant information and documentation before you check your eligibility status. Compile all your information regarding your job displacement, financial situation and previous training. This can include documentation such as a notice of termination from your previous employer, bank account statements and training certificates or diplomas.

Contact your regional Kentucky One-Stop Career Center. WIA services in Kentucky are offered by regional offices responsible for a number of counties. Find a local One-Stop Career Center locator tool in Resources. WIA benefits and eligibility requirements vary by region, so you can get some basic information on benefits to which you may be entitled by contacting your One-Stop Career Center.

Go to your local One-Stop Career Center. If, after your initial contact, you believe you are eligible for WIA benefits, book an appointment with your One-Stop Career Center to meet with an agent. Some One-Stop Career Centers also offer general information sessions you can attend. Bring all of your documentation related to your job displacement, employment and training history, and your current financial situation. The agent can give you full details on the WIA services available to you. Expect to have to go through WIA processes such as job market analysis and job placement before you are eligible for any WIA training grants.


Minors aged 14 through 21 may be eligible for benefits if they meet certain criteria such as high-school dropout, literacy issues, pregnant, single parent, runaway or issues with the criminal justice system.


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