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How to Write a Professional Request for Purchase

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In the professional world, you often must file official requests to spend any money. These types of request letters can be used for all different types of purchases, from cars to computers and more. You should write requests for purchases in professional language because that will make them more likely to be approved. In most cases, you'll submit these request letters to your immediate supervisor. If your company has other policies, you may submit the letter to someone else.

Open a blank document in your word processing software.

Set up the letter as any other professional letter. Include the date on the top left side. Skip a space, and type the full name of the person to whom you are sending the letter. Add the company name, the appropriate department and the address of the company.

Skip a space under the address and type “RE:” and what this letter is in regards to, all in bold. For example, if you are requesting the purchase of a new cell phone, you would type “RE: New Company Cell Phone Request.”

Skip a space and type “Dear Mr./Ms.” and the individual’s last name.

Skip a space and start typing the letter. Be sure to include information such as what department is requesting the purchase, what the item(s) will specifically be used for, exactly how much the item(s) will cost and a deadline by which you need the items.

Close the letter by thanking the individual for his time and providing your phone number or email address, in case he has any specific questions.

Type “Sincerely,” four spaces and your name with your title underneath. Sign your name in the open spaces after you have printed out the letter.


Print this letter on company letterhead, if you have it available. Before submitting the letter, allow one or two coworkers to proofread it to be sure it sounds professional. The letter should be no more than one page in length.


Amy Ess has been writing both academically and professionally since 2002. She has served as the head grant writer for a nonprofit organization and received her Bachelor of Science degree in sociology from the University of Central Florida. Ess is currently studying for her master's degree in nonprofit management—also from The University of Central Florida.

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