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What Are the Contents of an Application Letter?

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Ideally, application letters should be no more than one page in length. When organizing your application letter, adjust marginal spacing on the top and bottom of the page so the margins will appear equal to one another when the letter is sent in the mail. For additional spacing adjustments, modify the lines between the date and name in the section containing the address of your potential employer.

Contact Information

Provide your street address. Create a new line beginning with the name of your city followed by a comma. Complete this line with your state and zip code. State names can be written out fully or you can use abbreviations instead. Stay consistent with your choice throughout the entirety of the letter, do not switch back and forth from spelling out state names to using abbreviations. Provide your email address in a new line. In the following line give your phone number with the area code first. Double space and fill in the current date. Double space again and write the name of your recipient ideally beginning with "Ms." or "Mr." if you know the gender of the recipient followed by his or her first name, middle initial, and last name. Create a new line detailing the recipient's title. In the next line write the name of the company. Complete this section by formatting the address of the company how you formatted your address previously.


Enter a salutation to greet your recipient by writing "Dear Mr. or Ms." then fill in their last name followed by a colon. In a new line write what position the letter pertains to, providing the location of the position and the name of the company the position is with. In the opening paragraph explain your reasons for professional and personal interest in the position and the company. Include details of referrals to the position or describe where you found the position listed. Write about educational degrees held and your college graduation date or dates.

Main Body

In the midsection of the application letter explain your level of experience in the field. Give strong examples of your professional skills in action by describing demonstrative situations that required the application or utilization of your most desirable skills. Before you submit the letter, write out a list of these examples. Withhold some of the top examples for inclusion in follow up letters if applicable.


Choose a closing style that is reflective of your personality. Convey an active tone and show initiative by politely stating a date that you intend to follow up with the potential employer regarding your status in the application process. If you decide to select a passive tone instead, simply request that the potential employer contact you if he requires more details or information. Thank your reader for his time and consideration. Double space and complete the application letter by writing "Sincerely" followed by a comma. Double space again and type your name. Type the word "Enclosure" as a new line and sign your name in the blank space between the word "Sincerely" and your typed name.


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