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How to Find Private Elderly Companion Jobs

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People need a certain amount of companionship in life, and elderly people are no different. In fact, after retiring from work and having children move away the senior years can be relatively lonely. If you want a job where you are an important part of an elderly person's life, consider looking into being a companion. These jobs are less intensive than nursing or care-taking, but still require dedicated and caring people to fill them.

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Contact employment agencies in your area that specialize in jobs working with the elderly. Ask about opportunities for working as an elderly companion to a private individual, rather than an organization.

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Look through classified ads in your local newspaper and job search websites. Look in sections about health care jobs or social services. Elderly individuals will sometimes place ads in these places for home companions.

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Fill out any required applications and have a copy of your resume handy. You will need two or three personal references about your character and work history, so have these names and phone numbers ready as well.

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Meet with interested elderly individuals or organizations that work with the elderly to discuss the position. Be polite during the interview and make sure to play up your strengths as much as possible. Show up to all interviews on time and dressed professionally.